Event Information

Event Period:

12th June 2021 (Saturday) 00:00a.m. – 11th July 2021 (Sunday) 11:59p.m.


Enrollment Period:

10th May 2021 (Monday) 00:00a.m. – 9th June 2021 (Sunday) 11:59p.m.





Enrollment Methods:



Record & Upload Activity Record:


* The Official has the right to request further relevant information for checking the activity records in case the information submitted by the participants is insufficient. If the information is incomplete, the record will not be counted.



Participants can also participate in the workshop held by Perform HK100 Peaks Walker 2021 for free at the same time (first come first served basis) More information


Basic Set:

Every participant will be able to receive the following basic set after enrollment successful:


  • A race pack pickup email will be sent to registered participants two weeks before the event day. 
  • Participant should show either the printout or electronic version of the race pack pick up email while collecting the event materials.


Finisher Set:

Participants can receive a finisher set after achieved the elevation gain target:

  • Perform Elite - more than 4000m elevation gain
  • Fun Walk - more than 602m elevation gain
  • Family Walk - more than 344m elevation gain in total


Participants can receive a finisher set as below:


*Organiser will contact the participants about the details of Sports PA after the event



“Perform HK100 Peaks Walker 2021 Most Elevation Gain Award” is applicable to participant who enrolled Perform Elite and gained more than 4000m elevation in the total activity record.

Perform HK100 Peaks Walker 2021 Most Elevation Gain Award

Champion to 2nd runner – Perform HK100 Peaks Walker 2021 trophy, a cash prize of HKD$3,000 and a pair of Columbia sports shoes
4th - 12th –  Cash prize of HKD$1,000

*The most elevation gained is measured by meters.
*The result of "Perform HK100 Peaks Walker 2021 Most Elevation Gain Award" will be announced one week after the event period

Terms and Conditions for Event:

  1. Perform HK100 Peaks Walker (the “ Event”) is organized by Perform Financial Planning Services Limited (the “Organizer”). Sportsoho is the Event Secretariat (the “Secretariat”). The Bridge Agency Limited is responsible for public relations (“public relation company”). Sponsors of the Event include Swire Resources Ltd (columbia), RAZE Technology Limited, Carlsberg Brewery Hong Kong Ltd, and NutriWorks Ltd.(the "Sponsors"). The insurance plan under the Finisher Set, “Sporticare Sports Protection” (the “Insurance Plan”), is supplied by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (a company incorporated in Switzerland with limited liability) (“Zurich"). The insurance intermediary (if applicable) is OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited (a licensed insurance broker company of Insurance Authority, Licence No. FB1452, and a registered MPF Intermediary of Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, MPF Registration No. IC000579) (the “Intermediary”).
  2. Definition of eligible participants: All Hong Kong Permanent Resident aged between 4-65. Participants who are aged 17 or below must read and agreed to be bound by all terms and conditions by the parents or guardian before joining the Event.  Participant means an eligible participant including the parent or guardian of a participant who is aged 17 or below (“Participant/Participants”).
  3. All Participants must read and agreed to be bound by all terms and conditions before joining the Event, otherwise the Participant will be prohibited from participating in the Event. Any Participant who is aged 17 or below must obtain prior consent from his/her parent or guardian before enrollment and must be accompanied by their parent or guardian when participating in the Event. 
  4. The Event will be conducted in virtual format. Participants should prepare for their own supplies (including appropriate clothing and sun protection measures), food and drink and wear a smart watch or mobile devices/apps to record the elevation gained.
  5. Participants should have a detailed planning and should pay attention to the weather conditions before the start of your activity. If the weather conditions become worse, do not continue your activity in the Event.
  6. The enrollment fee will not be refunded under the following circumstances, a cancellation of the Event, repeated enrolment by the participant or withdrawal by the enrolled participant.
  7. All elevation or activity records should be measured and recorded by devices such as smart watches or mobile phone applications. Each elevation or activity record uploaded must clearly show the activity date and time, elevation gained, the entire activity route, and photos at starting and finishing points. The record should be uploaded to your personal account on the event website. No record will be accepted after the Event  (The record will be disqualify if participants upload on or after 12th July). 
  8. The Organizer will check and verify all elevation or activity records uploaded by the Participants. The Organizer reverses the right to delete those invalid activity records and disqualify the Participants from getting any souvenirs or prizes.
  9. Each Participant is limited to one enrolment for each category. The activity record may only be uploaded to the enrolled category and cannot be uploaded repeatedly to the same category.
  10. Activity records, including all personal data, activity data and photos, will be used for the administration of the Event.
  11. The Organizer will contact Participants who have achieved the elevation gain target on details in relation to the Finisher Set and/or prizes after the Event. 
  12. The Organizer will not compensate or accept any liability for any damages or loses of any activity record.
  13. Participation in the Event is voluntary. The Participant agrees and accepts all risks involved in the Event and gives up any right to claim from the organizing entities, including the Organizer, the Event Secretariat, Sponsors and the public relation company, on any personal injuries, accidents, death or other damage or losses caused by the activities of the Event. Participants must ensure that they are fit and suitable for participating in the Event. Participants with their children aged 17 or below participating in the Event must also ensure that their children are fit and suitable for participating in the Event. 
  14. A Participant should complete the Event activity by his/her own effort. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Event activity records of which the Event activities are deemed to be completed through assistance of external parties. 
  15. Participants should make arrangement themselves if they consider pacer or refreshment is necessary for the activities of the Event.
  16. If a Participant failed to comply the terms and conditions of the Event, the Organizer may disqualify the Participant and cease his/her participation in the Event. The decision of the Organizer is final and irrevocable.
  17. The Participant undertakes and warrants that all information provided is genuine and accurate, and no impersonation of any third party. 
  18. The Participant shall be responsible for any violation of law or regulations which causes damage and losses to the Organizer or any third party.
  19. The Participant may not dispute that the Organizer shall not be liable for any legal responsibility in relation to any delay, loss, error, or illegibility in the information sent or registered by any participant or any notice sent by the Organizer due to computer, internet, telephone, technology or causes that cannot attribute to the Organizer.
  20. In the event that the Event cannot be continued, the Organizer may decide whether to cancel, terminate, alter or suspend the Event.
  21. The Organizer may at its sole discretion revise or change the terms and conditions of the Event and the Event contents and the authority in making the final interpretation and decision as to any dispute relating to the Event and Event contents. Changes to the terms and condition of the Event and Event contents, including all matters of the Event and the cash prizes, will take immediate effect without notice.
  22. Through the participation and by participating in the Event, all Participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Event and the terms of use of this website.
  23. Participants assume all risks of the products supplied by the Sponsors, including the Columbia sports shoes, RAZE antibacterial mask sets, Carlsberg Alcohol Free Drink and Acti-Tape (the “Sponsored Products”). The Organizer is not responsible for the quality of the Sponsored Products. To the full extent permissible by the applicable law, the Organizer does not warrant the marketability, quality or purpose of Sponsored Products.


Collection of Finisher Set:

  1. Participants who successfully enrolled are eligible for getting finisher set and medal once they achieved target.
  2. Each eligible participant can only redeem finisher set for once.
  3. All souvenirs and prizes cannot be returned, replaced or exchanged for cash or any other products.
  4. The Organizer will notify eligible participants to pick up souvenirs in person at the designated time and place after the event. Souvenirs can be sent out by SF Express upon participants’ request. All freight and charges will be paid by participants.
  5. The souvenirs can only be picked up and delivered locally in Hong Kong. The e-Certificate will be sent to all eligible participants by email after the event.
  6. Participants who cannot collect or arrange courier service within the designated time will be deemed to have automatically waived their eligibility for redemption and will not be able to collect the souvenirs afterwards.
  7. The Organizer will arrange the prize collection and notify the winners, cash prizes are not allowed to collect by post.
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to request participants to provide identity for inspection on collection of souvenirs and prizes.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or change any souvenirs and alter the terms and conditions for the collection of souvenirs without prior notice. The Organizer has the final decision on all matters concerning the souvenirs.


Notes to Participants

  1. Please pay attention to your friend’s and your health condition before starting your activity. Please do not continue your activity in the event if you do not feel well.
  2. Prepare adequate food and drinks for the whole course, including water, energy bar or energy drinks. Please wear suitable outfit for the activity, such as sportswear and hiking shoes. Take appropriate sun protection measures such as wear loose-fitting clothing.  
  3. When you encounter wildlife during the activity, please keep calm and leave slowly. Never try to run away or feed them.
  4. Safety is the first priority in course planning. Participants should have a detailed planning before start, and try to avoid rocky, uneven and steep course. Moreover, please stay tuned to the weather forecast in advance, do not start if there is Very Hot Weather Warning, thunderstorm or heavy rain. Please stop the activity if the weather is getting worse as well. 
  5. There are some rural areas with limited or without mobile phone network coverage. Participants are strongly advised to check the mobile phone network coverage before starting the activity. (Click here for more information)
  6. Leave-No-Trace” ! Please do not littering during hiking.


Free Souvenir - Details of Zurich “Sporticare Sports Protection”:

  1. The Organizer will contact the Participants who have achieved the elevation gain target after the Event for registering the Insurance Plan. 
  2. Every eligible Participant will be getting the Insurance Plan once and repeated registration is invalid. The Participant must insure the Insurance Plan for himself/herself only. 
  3. The Insurance Plan is non-transferable, non-redeemable for cash or credit, or other good or service equivalent.
  4. A Participant may change the appointment date for receiving the Insurance Plan once, otherwise the Insurance Plan will be forfeited. If the Participant is absent from the appointment without prior notice, the Insurance Plan will also be forfeited. 
  5. The Insurance Plan is supplied by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Participants must fully understand that the use of the Insurance Plan is subject to its stipulated terms and conditions.

The Product InformationDeclarationsPolicy Terms and Conditions  of Zurich “Sporticare Sports Protection", The Personal Information Collection Statement of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

The Sporticare Sports Protection Policy is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (a company incorporated in Switzerland with limited liability) (hereinafter referred to as “Zurich”) and offered by OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited (Licensed Insurance Intermediary License Number: FB1452, MPF Registration Number: IC000579). Members of perform are the technical representatives of OnePlatform Wealth Management Limited (applicable to first year premium only)